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ONLINE ONE ON ONE SESSIONS >> CUT Fitness offers a diverse selection of educated and experienced personal trainers, each with their own unique training style and fitness background. Our practitioners provide life-changing training by addressing the needs of a person as a whole (beyond their body) and thoroughly assessing every aspect of a client's health. We design integrated programs, based on the latest health and fitness science, which draw upon the full set of professionals at CUT Fitness to achieve life changing results.

Program Sessions available in one - twelve month commitment for more budget and time friendly support.

MONTHLY PROGRAM DESIGN >> Our programs provides you with monthly workouts custom designed for your time availability and equipment available. Some weeks you need to workout less while other will require you to increase your load or intensity. You are also required to check in with your personal trainer on a weekly basis via email. Photos of you are required to help keep you accountable (all photos are private and will not be use anywhere unless you agree). Please don’t worry, they will not be shared with anyone other than your personal trainer.


ONE MONTH - $300 - (4 week training plan)

TWO MONTHS - $550 - (8 week training plan)

THREE MONTHS - $800 - (12 week training plan)

Payment is due in full at time of hiring us. To get started, please fill out the client questionnaire and we will get started with matching the right personal trainer in our studio with your goals.  

NUTRITION + FUEL >> Exercise and movement is a small part of healthy living and we want to help clients from all aspects. That is why we have a group of CUT Fitness Trainers that also address nutritional needs. With their nutritional certification and holistic approach, our trainers will assist you in your goal of eating for your lifestyle. This is included with all personal training programs.

HEART RATE TRAINING + RECOVERY MONITORING = ACCOUNTABILITY >> All our online clients are required to wear our designated hear rate monitors and sleep recovery devices. This is a very important component to your success and it ultimately helps us understand your commitment to improving your life. We have the ability to monitor your activity and rest using these designated companies.


HR Activity Monitor - $149

You will be provided with a link to order your personal device following your purchase of personal training program.

Ready to sign up? Fill out the client Questionnaire to get started.



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