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ONE ON ONE SESSIONS >> CUT Fitness offers a diverse selection of educated and experienced personal trainers, each with their own unique training style and fitness background. Our practitioners provide life-changing training by addressing the needs of a person as a whole (beyond their body) and thoroughly assessing every aspect of a client's health. We design integrated programs, based on the latest health and fitness science, which draw upon the full set of professionals at CUT Fitness to achieve life changing results.

Session lengths available in 55-90 minute workouts or 30 minute workouts for clients looking for more budget and time friendly programs.

PROGRAM DESIGN >> Looking for a more self-sufficient, hands off approach to your training? Let a CUT Fitness trainer take you through a full body assessment, including testing for functional and structural imbalances, postural deviations, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination. Then based on this assessment, as well as your goals and health history, your trainer will design an individualized workout program for you, teaching you your program as well as your lifestyle alterations. You will walk away with a plan (including pictures and/or videos of each exercise) which you can follow for the next 6 weeks. 

NUTRITION + FUEL >> Exercise and movement is a small part of healthy living and we want to help clients from all aspects. That is why we have a group of CUT Fitness Trainers that also address nutritional needs. With their nutritional certification and holistic approach, our trainers will assist you in your goal of eating for your lifestyle. 

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Personal training will help keep your workout efforts effective and personalized to your goals. Once you experience our one-on-one sessions, you will want to learn more on how to improve your fitness performance forever.

Personal training can help introduce and reinforce that strength training is a key to fat loss and lean muscle development. Increasing lean muscle tissue will lead to a faster metabolism and higher calorie burn at rest. Sessions with our Personal Trainer 2-3 days per week, plus incorporating total body workouts and cardio sessions will burn a lot of calories, increase your metabolism, and promote fat loss. We guarantee results when you trust in the process and work within your personalized plan.

With busy and demanding schedules, it is easy to make excuses not to go for a solo run or workout due to whatever distractions arise. Having a Personal Trainer gives you a reason to get up and go, despite all the excuses your brain provides when you don’t feel like training. Our Personal Trainers are motivators and are genuinely invested in your success. They want to see you improve day after day and will encourage you to push yourself.

Our Personal Training programs have incredible success in helping all our clients reach their personal fitness goals. Often times, our personal trainers utilize pull-up bars, battle ropes, sand bags, step-up boxes, TRX, treadmills, indoor bikes and weights of all shapes and sizes. This wide variety of equipment helps to ensure clients get the most out of their workouts each day.

Having our Personal Trainers motivate you during each exercise provides that extra push to go harder, run faster, and lift more weight. More importantly though, it also ensures that you are moving safe and effective. Our Personal Trainers not only take the time to explain each exercise, but also watch you closely to make sure they are performing the exercises correctly. Working with our personal trainers helps reduce or even eliminate the risk of injuries caused by faulty techniques or incorrect movement patterns. Not only does performing exercises correctly keep you safe but it also accelerates your progress.


Fitness goals vary among individuals. Some people seek to lose a substantial amount of weight. Others want to gain muscle definition and tone. Some individuals are athletes wanting to condition for their sport, while others compete in bodybuilding or Obstacle Course Racing.

Sometimes, gym memberships are not enough. Gym goers feel lost, discouraged, or even bored with a workout routine that was popular 10 years ago.

We are your personal trainer in Rancho Santa Margarita.


Our Personal Training programs will provide you  with many advantages.

Here are 4 advantage you get when you hire our Personal Trainers:

1. Efficiency & Effectiveness
Our personal trainers are knowledgeable about how the body moves and how it works. They will continually evaluate you, guide you with the precise form, posture, and intensity and build you stronger through each exercise. In doing so, our Personal Trainers prevent injury, promote proper and optimal muscle use, helping you get the most out of the time and effort you spend in each session.

Efficiency is the key component to your success. Our trainers make the most out of your time in your session by giving you a personalized training plan and the tools essential to build on your progression beyond each training session.

2. Maximize Your Sessions
Our Personal Trainers help you channel your inner athlete and push you to your exercise limits. Have you ever paused or quit during your workout when it started to feel uncomfortable? Results are born past your limits and beyond your comfort zone. By motivating you to work harder, your body gets stronger and that’s when you start to see and feel change. Our trainers will maintain your safety as the number one priority however, will push you to maximize your efforts every workout.

3. Adaptable
Our Personal Trainers push you with a balance of safety and intensity in mind and they are also adaptable to your day to day personal needs and limitations. They know that not every body is built the same and they adjust the level and intensity of your workout accordingly. For example, an athlete trying to gain muscle will be provided a different exercise program than a client with a knee injury or mobility issue.

Our Personal Trainers fine-tune the workout they plan for you in a way that makes it within your physical capabilities, while at the same time providing you with the challenge necessary to get the most out of you each session.

4. Multi-functional
Our Personal Trainers are also well versed and certified in the field of nutrition, flexibility, mobility and other essential movement patterns. This advantage allows them to provide for you a personalized meal plan to accelerate  your results and the knowledge essential to working in multi-functional exercise movement patters also known as compound movements. Speak to your trainer about certain exercise patters to make you more effective in each session.


Don’t wait for next January or the start of summer to make a resolution to improve your health and your fitness. Whether you’re looking to lose significant weight, or you want to take your body to the next level, our Personal Trainers can lead you to your fitness goals.

A lot of people think that personal training is strictly for athletes, celebrities, and big gym buffs, but personal training is really the best way for anyone to up their fitness lifestyle.

Here are just a few reasons why personal training continues to be a successful decision for all our current and past clients:

1.  Accountability

How often have you skipped a workout? Or left early just after a few sets? Probably too many times, simply because you weren’t accountable to anyone else beside yourself. With a personal trainer, you have a precise workout schedule to stick to. He or she expects you to show up. Someone else’s time, effort (and your money) is on the line, so why would you skip? You wouldn’t cheat yourself of valuable time in the gym when someone else expects you to keep a commitment you’ve made to yourself.

 2. Motivation and Staying Focused

Likewise, a personal trainer prevents you from “taking it easy.” He or she pushes you past your comfort zones in order to see the results you want to see. No one gets stronger or faster doing the same exercises at the same stagnant levels. The body only changes outside its comfort zone. So if you want a better body, a personal trainer will motivate you to lift more weigh and complete more reps. If you want to run faster and go farther, a personal trainer will develop a plan for you to motivate you to keep going even when your brain is telling you to stop.

 3. Tailored to your needs Personal trainers know that not every exercise program works for every body. Therefore, they design each session specifically for each client’s needs. Personal trainers are there to listen to your needs, help outline your fitness goals, and tailor efficient workouts that will get you the best results.

 4. Safety

Even though many exercises look and seem simple, it is very easy for people to injure themselves when done wrong. They may lift weight that are too heavy for their strength level or start a workout program too hard to fast. They may move in a way that is detrimental to bones or injure ligaments that take longer than bones to heal. A personal trainer ensures that you are carrying out each exercise with proper form and tempo so that your body can become stronger without any damage.

In a nutshell, the greatest advantage of having a personal trainer is that you have the support of someone else tracking your progress, keeping you focused on your goals, and motivating you to see maximum results all while evaluating your changes in your fitness journey.


A great Personal Trainer is exactly what you need to change your life. He or she should be training you in health, fitness, eating and more lifestyle choices essential to live a happy fulfilling fitness life. The more time you spend together, the better understanding of living a healthy and fit lifestyle you will learn.

A Personal Trainer is beneficial to your well being. Your trainer can literally be your everyday source for stress relief. Sometimes just a simple “Hi, how are you today” can make all the difference.

A great Personal Trainer should be able to tailor a specific workout plan in line with your current fitness level and align that with your realistic goals. He or she is knowledgeable in more ways than making you sweat. Movement and longevity are the pillars that we build our clients success for a lifetime.

Working with our fitness expert is perhaps the best way possible to get to your fitness goal and improve your overall health and well being. They will keep you committed and motivated.

If you don’t see any results after 30 days, we will refund your money. But, you must complete every session and follow a personalized meal plan to qualify for a refund. We will lead you towards your goal. If you don’t train as planned, you won’t get it. We will do our part and expect you to do yours.