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Turmeric is an herb that is related to the ginger family.  It has been traced back to the Indian culture for over 4,000 years.  It's used as a spice to give Indian food a rich and unique flavor and it has also been shown in scientific studies to improve several health conditions such as:

  • anti-inflammatory properties

  • help with gut disorders such as GERD and IBD

  • anti-bacterial properties

  • improves liver function which can help lower cholesterol and help detoxify the body

  • lowers blood sugar

  • natural pain reliever

  • decreases cholesterol

  • natural blood thinner

  • mental function


There are several ways to consume turmeric such as powdered form, capsule or pill and of course you can peel and use the turmeric root several ways.  Tumeric is fat soluble so it should be consumed with some sort of fat.  Black pepper should also be taken with turmeric in order to help elevate the curcumin levels found in it.  Curcumin is a compound in turmeric that gives it  the powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


As with any thing we ingest there could be possible side effects and turmeric is no different. 

Short-term side effects could include:

  • digestive issues

  • allergic reaction

  • interactions with certain medications

  • uterine contractions in pregnant woman

  • hypotension


The good benefits definitely outweigh the bad benefits however you should always take into account your personal journey into health and wellness and make sure that you do the research and talk to your healthcare professional before taking any kind of supplement.



Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus), is a parasitic fungus that grows on birch trees in the northern hemispheres such as Russia, North-East Europe and Korea.  It can also be found in Some Northern States of the US and the Canada region.  Chaga appears to look like burnt coal but it is packed with anti-oxidants.  It’s dark burnt look comes from its high melanin count but deep inside it has a yellowish-orange color.  

It can take up to five years for Chaga to fully develop so to get the highest levels of nutrients it is important to get it from a source that harvests it in the correct way and in the ideal conditions. You also want to look for companies that use sustainable harvesting practices.  


Chaga can be consumed in several ways but the most popular is as a tea or tincture.  You can also purchase it in a capsule or a powder form. 

Chaga has several benefits such as:

- Nutritional Support in the fight against Cancer

- Reduces Inflammation

- Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

- Improved Physical Endurance

- Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

- Aides in Digestion

- Protects the Liver

- Longevity


Although Chaga has a long list of benefits, a review from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York showed that Chaga mushrooms may increase the effects of anticoagulant medications such as aspirin and warfarin. This can elevate your risk for bleeding and bruising.  

Chaga mushrooms should not be used when taking intravenous applications of glucose and penicillin. If you are pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare provider prior to taking. 

Be sure to store Chaga unopened, or opened in a cool, dark and dry place.


4 Myths About Strength Training

There have been and always will be myths about working out and strength training. One fact that is not a myth is that it is one of the best things you can do to take care of your health and appearance. 

Here are some myths about working out and strength training that could have you missing out on reaching your best results.

Myth #1: Muscle turns into fat if not used

This myth is like saying water and oil mix well. Muscle tissues cannot turn into fat and fat cannot turn into muscle. Muscle is meant to be gained and fat is meant to be lost. Therefore one will never be the other

Myth #2: Strength Training alone can’t burn fat

Muscle Mass is actually your best friend against putting on that excess fat. 

A pound of muscle can burn between 10-20 calories a day while you enjoy your favorite shows. Strength training causes a growth in muscle mass which helps to burn more fat. 

Myth #3: Lifting weights makes females bulk up 

Of course strength training helps you burn fat and gain muscle, but being bulky isn’t the only option when it comes to weight training. 

Women actually have a more difficult time getting bulky due to their lower levels of testosterone. Becoming bulky for a women is something that, more often than not, must be specifically focused on and dedicated too. 

Myth #4: Strength training is for young people

Strength training is for ALL people and can actually benefit older people more than younger people. 

Strength training can improve balance, coordination, flexibility and can help decrease the risk of osteoporosis and much much more. 

Don’t let things you hear about working out detour you from becoming your best most healthy self. Contact a reputable company or personal trainer to help you figure out the truth about what will help you reach your personal goal.